Mission statement

Mission statement
My intention is to leave people who see me for a session  feeling cared and listened to.
To have questions about their situation answered completely at the end of the session
To be a instrument of the highest clear truth and light. To be a comfort with a confirmation that everything they feel and think is all valid as a divine human living in this reality.
To achieve living as a person who gains joy from sharing my spiritual gifts.
To manifest in a session that there absolutely is a higher power at work in their life for their personal blessings.
To continue to share so  that I too know there's a higher power working in my life as a very sensitive introvert who feels a bit anxious around others. The highest truth is not to shine a light on myself but to share the eternal truth that miracles happen every day  for our own wellbeing and good in our presence.
I will promise never to minimize anyone's right to feel and think for themselves. My guarantee is that a session with me will not leave feelings of hurt fear or confusion.
This is a small piece of my heart still more to come ❤️